Foam Carvings


Clinicians must create a positive model of a residual limb or orthotic shape in order to create a definitive device. The positive model, carved out of a stiff foam, serves as the basis for fabricating a prosthetic socket or orthotic device.

Product Highlights:
  • Same day turnaround for orders received before Noon (EST)
  • Prosthetic and orthotic shapes accepted

Lead time for Foam Carvings:
Before Noon (EST): same day turnaround
After Noon (EST): 1-day turnaround

Should any lead time not be met, we will call the customer and ship the custom fabrication order at our expense.

Product No. Description
OFAB-CA-1P Carved Rigid Foam Model, AFO, One-Piece
OFAB-CA-2P Carved Rigid Foam Model, AFO, Two-Piece
OFAB-CP-ST Carved Rigid Foam Model, Prosthetic, Standard
OFAB-CP-OS Carved Rigid Foam Model, Prosthetic, Oversized > 12” x 18”
OFAB-CS-ST Carved Rigid Foam Model, Spinal, Standard
OFAB-CS-OS Carved Rigid Foam Model, Spinal, Oversized > 16” x 18” x 24”

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