Gel Profiles

A liner’s inner material profile impacts the comfort and fit of a liner on a patient. WillowWood offers six profiles which are specialized to the various amputation types.

Uniform: Material is distributed evenly throughout a liner. Available in transtibial, pediatric and upper extremity liners.

Contoured: Has a uniform profile as a base but features additional 3 mm gel pads on anterior distal walls. Available in transtibial liners.

Tapered: Has a uniform profile with extra 3 mm tibial gel pads. Available in transtibial liners.

Progressive: this profile has 9 mm thickness distally, 6 mm at the tibial crest and then slims down to 2.5 mm behind the knee and proximally. Available in transtibial liners.

Symmetrical: Material has a 9 mm distal thickness thinning out to a uniform 2.5 mm throughout the rest of the liner. Available in transfemoral liners.

AK Profile: Designed exclusively for transfemoral use, the inner material is 9 mm thick distally with 9 mm lateral gel pads to protect the distal femur. Proximal thickness is 3 mm.